Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday Classic: 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

It seems like it was only yesterday when a decent running/driving Alfa Romeo GTV was just a bit over $10k, but the inevitable march of Father Time means we are one step closer to the grave and one buck farther away from owning a GTV.  Find this 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 offered for $20,000 in San Francisco, CA via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

 From the seller:

Sadly, the time has come for me to part ways with my beloved Alfa.

Purchased in 2001 from former Alfa Romeo Association of Northern California president Norm Snart (1972) as a project, and completely restored 2001-2002 by myself with endless contribution from my father, and Berkeleys finest: Glen Oliveria. Body was done at that time by Berkeley Alfa specialist Tom Nappo (Bella Macchina). 

Car has been hotted up considerably with many details:
* Wes Ingram "150HP" built Spica fuel injection pump.
* High compression "Motronic" piston heads
* High lift cams profile provided by Jon Norman, ground by MegaCycle cams.
* Oversize intake valves, and ported intake manifold
* Moderately Lightened flywheel, done by Norman Racing Group
* Tune 1-2-3 Programmable ignition
* Bosh permanent magnet starter
* Polyurethane Rear bushings
* Springs from Centerline Alfa (iirc)
* Koni yellow shocks
* do you want more?!!!?!

The engine was last out in 2014 when it received new rings, bearings, and valve lapping/shimming and it still pulls and sounds amazing.

With all that said, I didn't put all that stuff in there for you. This car has seen occasional, but proportional use in the local rally scene, and it shows. Second gear grinds for starters. Bodywork and interior show their age. If you are a serious buyer I will happily share with you my total knowledge of the car but you should come take a look at it for yourself first.

* as a final note, please take the listed price as a reserve and not a firm offer. As such a particular item, the price will need to be negotiated.


  1. Not sure what a "piston head" is. I suppose I have been called worse things. The grinding second gear (Se non riesci a trovarli, macinate) is easily offset by the big stickers on the hood.

    1. "Piston head" sounds a bit like something you'd slightly chuckle at after hearing your 3 year old shout it at her pestering older brother at the dinner table. Shortened from "Mother Piston Head" that you growled through clenched teeth after bloodying yet another knuckle on that frozen head bolt in the garage while said 3 year old was riding her tricycle within earshot.

  2. God forbid Wes Ingram pushes up daisies before an apprentice/take over plan is in place. Rebuilding a Spica unit is art and science with a little voodoo thrown in.

    Spica rebuild artist

    I so want a GTV at some point.

  3. For some reason I only trust Alfas for sale on ALFABB.
    GTV is a dream car for sure.

  4. Hey, if any car companies are reading, people still want a sexy little two door sedan. Can we make this happen?

    1. No! We make too much money selling big azz trucks and SUV's to older men with Handicap placards.

  5. wow... twenty thou for a car in need of a gearbox rebuild?


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