Sunday, September 24, 2017

Seller Submission: 2002 Porsche Boxster S

Seller Submission from Rod: I am submitting for your consideration my 2002 Boxster S 6spd. Asking price is $11k OBO (on the low end of Good and Fair on Hagerty's scale). The car has been fantastic and driven pretty sparingly. The only reason that I am selling is that I picked up a 996 and I want the Boxster to go to a fellow driving enthusiast.

Low miles - only 75k miles (will go up as it is daily driven)
Engine was replaced around 50k miles (records included), so there are about 25k miles on the current motor. This is the primary reason I purchased the car. Have chosen not to do the IMS fix as a result.
Body is great; no dings, typical scratches for a car of this age.

Interior is 6/10; there is some typical aging of the leather seats. Switchgear is OK; nothing is falling out. Everything works.
Wheels are good, some curbing but not outrageous.
No warning lights!
"S" model gets the 250 hp and the bigger wheels and cool red calipers over the drilled 911 rotors.

Car was just re-aligned prior to sale so she runs straight
My local Porsche indie recommends a new clutch soon, so I'm lowering the asking and open to offers to give buyers room for that
Passenger side mirror cover trim is loose
Left knob guage cluster knob is broken (prior to my ownership). Never got around to replacing it.
Plastic window is hazy, and there's a section that's coming apart on the passenger side. Will eventually need replacing
One of the previous owners installed an aftermarket satellite radio system. Still sounds awful.
The battery runs down after about 3 days sitting, so I have it on a trickle charger.
Have only one key

Under my ownership, I've done an oil change and replaced the fuel pump. I drive spiritedly but I do respect the car and do not rev aggressively until operating temps are reached. The car's done about 5,000 miles a year, and I've done even less at 4,000 in the year I've had it. I really would love to keep her as the 986S's offer some of the best undiluted driving experiences around. I just can't justify having two Porsches at this point in my life. Ask my wife. =)

Quick walk-around -

Contact (email preferred)
rod dot salvador at gmail dot com

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  1. Kinda pricey! Kelly Blue Book says 8 grand.

  2. After 2009, no worries about IMS bearing, so why buy earlier?

  3. Poor guy.just trying to unload it..give him some love.

  4. lol thanks DT for the opportunity! No worries, Woodie; I've lobbed a grenade or two over cars listed on the interwebs. That said, this is a great example. And if you can get that KBB price of $8k on a Boxster S with 75k miles and decent it! These are great driver's cars and a real pleasure to drive both on a commute and in the twisties.


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