Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Seller Submission: 1986 Honda CT110

The next featured trail bike comes as a seller submission from Justin who writes:  I’ve got a 1986 Honda CT110 I’m selling from my small collection.  If you want this sweet looking 1986 Honda CT110 offered for $3,600 on Daily Turismo, please send an email to and we will forward your info to the seller.

More from the seller:

It’s in fantastic shape and some recent upkeep has been performed.  The bike appeared to suffer a tiny bit of overspray likely during it’s past life as a vineyard bike.  I believe it could easily be polished out by a professional though I wasn’t brave enough to attempt it.  The bike has a few small nicks here and there with a reasonably small amount of surface rust on some of the chrome and paint parts.  The muffler is starting to show a tiny bit of internal rust.

For some reason the blinkers are “slow.”  I’ve yet to diagnose that.  Otherwise the bike is a strong runner and quite nice.  It has 1765 miles on the odometer, which I have no reason to believe is inaccurate given it’s condition.  The bike has a clear Oregon title in my name and the bike is located in Oregon.  Similar bikes have been selling on the web ranging from $3200 up to $6100.  Given the condition I’d like to list it for $3600.

Send an email to if you are interested, we will forward your info to the seller.


  1. Looks like a nice bike in great shape, good luck with the sale!

  2. Man- looks great. A perfect little two wheeler for running errands.

  3. I haven't seen one of these since my freshman year in HS. Almost bought one until my mother found a slightly used Motobecane (great baby blue color, with terrible orange helmet - GULF LIVERY FTW 1986) for a steal, from another anxious mother...

    When did I get old...


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