Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sechs Geschwindigkeit: 2001 BMW 740i

The E38 BMW 7-series was the last BMW to be totally free of the Bangle styling that cursed covered the cars for a decade or so. Additionally the E38 was the last of the 7-series to come with a manual gearbox, but only in some markets....which I believe the USA wasn't included.  Find this 2001 BMW 740i offered for $6,500 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

 From the seller:

2001 BMW 740i M Sport Package --- 6 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION --- 

The transmission and majority of the parts were sourced from a low mileage e39 540i, custom driveshaft, new clutch master cylinder, euro e38 shifter boot, etc. 

Being a sport package it has sport seats, black shadowline trim, sport suspension, a 3.15 sport differential, and sport steering wheel and staggered 18" M-Parallels. Car runs and shifts great, steering is tight and responsive. The car feels like a larger E39 M5. 

-Clean California title
-Current Registration 
-Clean Carfax 
-Staggered M-Parallels with 2 fairly new front tires
-New Front Brake Rotors and Pagid Brake Pads w/new front pad wear sensor 
-Full DOT 4 Brake Fluid Flush
-LEMFÖRDER (High Quality) Front Lower Control Arms and New Front Thrust Arms (5k miles ago)
-New spark plugs 4k miles ago
-Black Kidney Grilles
-Recently replaced GRAF waterpump, BMW blue coolant, & OEM Behr thermostat
-Clutch is tight and grabs great
-New shifter bushings so they are tight with almost NO play between gears
-545i e60 shift linkage for shorter throws
-OEM BMW "M" 6 speed black weighted Shift Knob
-Aluminum gauge cluster rings & new cluster bulbs
-OEM HID headlamps with 8k bulbs
-HID foglights with matching 8k bulbs

Asking $6,500

See another manual V8 thing? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Looks like an honest typo fellas, based on the copy of this listing, but you have it referenced as a 540i in a couple places. Looks like they just got the transmission from a 540i. (And no, e38 never came to the US with a stick---E32 was the last, and for one year only---1988)

    1. I have fixed the error; Vince apologizes profusely...wherever he is!

  2. close to perfect
    [image src="https://www.vividracing.com/catalog/images/VFK75-01.jp" width="400px"/]

    1. [image src="https://www.vividracing.com/catalog/images/VFK75-01.jpg" width="400px"/]

  3. Amazing! Hi-tech car. I would love to have it one day.

  4. What in the hell is he doing with the EQ on the stereo?

  5. They had me until 8k bulbs.

    Also, they failed to list mileage, which I now assume is probably like 375,000.


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