Thursday, September 14, 2017

Original Sky Blue: 1980 Datsun Pickup

I can't give a good justification why the big guns at Nissan decided to market their US offerings with the Datsun badge, but I'm going to say that I prefer the old Datsun name.  Perhaps it is because modern Nissans are such deplorable piles of plastic, but I miss the old days of the classic Datsun logo with dat sun in the middle. Find this 1980 Datsun Pickup offered for $3,200 in Oroville, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Terry.

 From the seller:
Datsun mostly all original. 85K Original miles! Great little truck! Tires and wheels, tow package, blue tooth stereo, 5-speed. Original paint, could not bring myself to repaint it. Pink slip in hand. Bought a new truck, can't keep both. Make me a reasonable offer.

See a better way to drive a classic small truck?


  1. "Perhaps it is because modern Nissans are such deplorable piles of plastic, ..."

    You forget that the old Nissans were such deplorable piles of rusting metal. BTDT.

  2. I know you guys are going to skewer me for this but I have a soft spot for mini trucks.
    [image src="" width="400px"/]
    Look at this kid, got a sponsorship and built a rad mini for his BMX bike. Must have been good times.

    1. who do you think is going to skewer anybody about a mini truck? - first car i ever bought new was a bottom of the line '87 Ranger (mini for Ford, anyway) with a rubber floor and metal ceiling - although... mine was black over red, with a beefy checkerplate bumper, plain steelies and a Mr. T air freshener, not plum over muppet with blow dry, welded doors and tires that got shrunk in the wash ;)

    2. My family went through a long progression of Toyota Hiluxes spanning '70s, '80s, and '90s generations. We've moved on to Land Cruisers and other SUVs for trucky duties but I'll always appreciate the Toyota minis, with Datsuns being a close 2nd. Someday I'd love to have a lowered but mostly stock Datsun 620 pickup in some shade of orange, yellow, or avocado.

    3. Growing up, we had a '78 620 King Cab in tan. That's where I perfected my manual transmission skillz. It was the first Japanese car my parents ever purchased. I remember the build quality was so much better than the domestic full size PU's my dad purchased previously. The replacement was a Chevy S-10 that I felt was a step backwards at the time. I'd love another chance to drive one, but I feel it would be the rose-colored glasses thing now.

    4. Cflo, I have a mostly stock '74 avocado 620 with a KA24DE/5 speed/4 wheel discs. :)


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