Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Northeast Field Report: Sunday 9/17 Caffeine And Carburetors

If you live anywhere in the tri-state area Caffeine and Carburetors in tony NYC suburb New Canaan, CT is a 100% must see event.  I am very local to here and went to their only 2017 show two days ago.  The vast array of high end cars that show up for this event blows me away each and every single time I visit.  Porsche 911s are so common here it that it makes them seem like a mass produced Honda Accord.  There are always some really out of the ordinary cars here that you read about but just never see in the wild.  Porsche was the featured marque so I purposely was looking for obscure subjects aside from them.  Here are a number of pictures of some beauties that caught my eye. 

Cory was the only person at the event that showed up driving a car without interior door panels, missing carpet, and no rear seats.


  1. great selection of quality classic cars,enjoyed the pix very much. especially like to see them still driven on the road. George in Toronto with 88 924S SE

  2. Good choice of cars to show photos of...I was there and the brown 928 that you got was absolutely stunning. Very rare to see one in that condition, but probably a repaint. Also, while mentioning high-end cars, there were two late-model Bugatti Veyrons parked next to each other in a side lot -- almost like they were forgotten! Thanks for the feature --

  3. I also went and it was an amazing show. I brought my 74 442.


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