Monday, September 18, 2017

Bargain Executive Express: 2012 Hyundai Genesis R-spec

If you are not a brand snob and can appreciate 13 second 1/4 mile runs from your heated and cooled seats, we have a contender worthy of your consideration today.  In 2012 Hyundai added the hot rod R-spec option package to the Genesis sedan.  The most noteworthy changes were the addition of the 5.0 429 horsepower V8 engine, special headlights, and 19" wheels.  The R-spec car was pretty close to $50k only a five years ago so I did a double take when I saw one well south of the DT price threshold.  Find this 2012 Hyundai Genesis R-spec for sale in Monroe, CT for $12,000 via craigslist.

The seller mentions the Genesis shares company with his BMW M5 and winter duty Jeep.  The car is said to have been babied and never seen snow.  It has 131,000 miles on it and has always been garaged. 

The seller mentions the adaptive cruise control which helps prevent you from riding up the car in front of you's ass.  The Genesis is also equipped with a lane departure warning system and traction control.  All Genesis sedans came with Hyundai's own 8 speed automatic transmission for 2012.

The seller rattles off the many standard features found on a luxury vehicle of this stature: bluetooth, sunroof, power everything, in dash cd changer, navigation, huge back seat with connections for baby seats, special floor mats, and leather seating.

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Cory got the sound system speakers reinstalled into his 1995 Mercedes C36 over the weekend. 


  1. From Jalopnik article "Hyundai appears to be pretty tight lipped on the issue. I can only find two technical service bulletins pertaining to the matter, which apply multiple engines, not just Tau. One describes how to test for excessive oil consumption, stating up to a quart per 1,000 miles is acceptable. Another lists particular parts that should be cleaned after a motor replacement due to “Engine oil consumption and/or increased blowby due to reduced seal between cylinder wall and piston rings.”

  2. Some car companies don't like to wander too far from their roots. I have known 2 people who bought Hyundai Sonatas new in '14 and 15'. Both were bought back for electrical gremlins after dicking the people around. 1000 miles per quart is not acceptable. My 63' MB owners manual stated 350-500 miles was "normal." Good for Hyundai, in these 54 years since they doubled MB's usage.

  3. This car does not belong on this website.

    It's way too nice.


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