Monday, September 11, 2017

1953 Bugatti Style? 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Chassis

When I first saw this next car I was going to say that it looks about as much like a Bugatti as I look like Brad Pitt...but then I noticed that it was cheap.  Really cheap.  And I will forgive a lot of nonsense for a good price, so you can call this pile of parts a Ferrari for all I care.  Find this Bugatti kit car built on a 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Chassis offered for $3600 in Kokomo, IN via craigslist.

From the seller:

Car is street legal with title..
Title in hand
Very clean like new Bugatti kit car
Restored from ground up
Please view all the photos to see the time taken to complete this car
Car is a show stopper

Sits on a restored 89 s10 .. 4 cylinder.. 4 speed

Everything is like new on vehicle
Buy and drive anywhere 
Sounds great
Wheelie bars in rear 
Runs and drives super smooth

Would trade for another vehicle in very nice condition 

See a better way to drive Bugatti?


  1. Nope, I do not see a better way to drive Bugatti crazy.



    I misread your question. Yes, I think I can find a better way or two to drive Bugatti - and even for less money -

  2. Just be sure to drive it home before dark.

    - John

  3. that looks as much like a Bugatti as you look like a box of paper clips

    think of all the things you could buy for $3600 instead of that - half the cars ever posted on this site - there are a dozen Miatas under that price on SFCL or LACL alone - done

    people - i dunno sometimes

  4. The bodywork brings to mind another legendary Italian name in vehicle manufacturing: Zamboni.

  5. If you Google "Bugatti Tank Car" you'll find a real antique Bugatti that looks a lot like this build. He's really not too far off!

    1. well, pluck a duck - the 1923 Bugatti Type 32 Grand Prix racer "Tank de Tours"
      [image src="" width="500px"/]

    2. Bugatti's first attempts at aerodynamics (which were in their early stages in 1923).

      Only raced once, because it handled well, like a tank.

      I've seen some pretty amazing cars in my life.

      This ain't one of them.

      Great googley moogeling, though, kaibeezy.

      I'll only add the blueprints:

      [image src="" width="400px"/]

      -Stan (who once owned a '58 Ford pickup truck painted blue like this. The truck probably handled-- and stopped-- better. Which is pretty scary, because that truck was a handful.)

    3. My first thought was "Of all the Bugattis out there you could build a replica of, he picks the ugliest one?" Then I realized the right question was, "If my sheet metal skills are at the level of an entry level ductowork builder, could I copy the world's ugliest Bugatti?"

    4. I think the wheel to car size ratio works for the real thing, the S-10 wheels just look so small. Possibly the only thing that needs to be donked to look right.

  6. Just two words:

    Smurf Mobile.

    -Stan (who has never seen a smurf, and is actually quite happy about that)

  7. I have a S-10 frame and 1,000,000 rivets what should I do this weekend? Ohh I got it build a Bugatti!

  8. "Whuh? Ya say that thar tanky thing was made by B00-gawty?

    Here. Hold my beer..."

    I'ma gonna make me one o' them Buggo Tanks this here weekend in mah garage, whiles I watch me some bawl games..."

    redneck car repair fails

    -Stan (who, when broken down on the side of the road, has used a screwdriver, duct tape, and bungee cords for some this'll-get'er-home fixes...)

  9. Dang there are some lucky new owners out there. The van and now this.

    Hope we don't see them on Gasmonkey

  10. From the motor home and RV manufacturing capital of the world. This must be what big tin box makers do in retirement.

  11. Such a fun looking car! I think I'd write an essay for about it. It will be an entertaining piece for reading.

  12. As a hustling vehicle, Bugatti did well in numerous European races however the vehicle was mostly intended to be appreciated out and about for an easygoing drive.
    used car dealerships near me


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