Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tunnel-vision: 1968 Carlson Challenger

One of the cool things about the 60's (at least the consumer advertising version of the 60's) was the optimism.  The space age was truly underway and everything was new, modern and came in sparkling candy metal flake colors.  Even boats.  Find this 1968 Carlson Challenger Tunnel Hull for sale in Shelton, WA for $795 via craigslist.

It's been said that the two happiest days of boat ownership are the day you buy a new boat and the day you sell your old boat. So I guess that both parties will be happy if a deal is struck for this nearly 50 year old boat.

Carlson was a manufacturer of high performance boats located in Garden Grove California.  The manufacturer's boats sported a "Carlson Hull" that made for a high speed, yet comfortable ride.  The 16' Challenger was their luxury model, sporting full carpet, tuck & roll upholstery, walnut steering wheel and the ability to take "today's larger outboard engines".  50 years on, you will have some work to do to get your luxury on.

No mention is made in the ad if this boat can fulfill it's primary mission, which is to float.  However, once you are done with the complete restoration, you can look forward to taking your 3 best friends with B-52's and headbands out for a ride on the nearest lake.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent. 


  1. The outboard kills this. I love the look of these old boats with a big motor sticking up out of the back. Of course a blower further enhances the appearance and horsepower.

  2. I love these boats, as it turns out I advertised my junior version (13 foot of this boat) yesterday in kijiji (the Cdn version of e-bay) for Cdn$ 600 with 50 HP 2 stroke Merc (manual & short shaft) and trailer and have not had any interested offers. It does need some work (the steering cable is seized and needs to be serviced and some other maintenance needs doing. I am in Toronto and can bring it across the border if needed.

  3. It's 'the day you buy the boat and the day you sell the boat.'
    (Glasspar 13' G3 w/90hp in HS)


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