Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday Twister: No Cameras Please

For this week's Thursday Twister,  we are going to dive headfirst into the dangerous world of craigslist listings.  I am a dare devil and I'll gladly shove a q-tip into my ear canal for fun, but the one thing I've never done is visit a car where the seller didn't post photos.  In this day and age of cameras on disposable napkins, there is no excuse to not have photos in your advertisement...but sometimes the bird willing to take a risk gets the worm.  Just don't get eaten.

I think this 1953 Buick Special with a Caddy frame and a 425 V8 could be really cool...but is it really real?  

What do you think?  Would you buy a car from a seller who doesn't post pics and what is the best example of a car for sale with zero photos around the web?


  1. But this is how we used to do it when we'd chop up trees and deliver them door to door in the mornings.

    I'll go with this local option: 1995 Impreza with STI swap

    1. I remember heading to 7-11 for a Slurpee and to peruse the latest local copy of Autotrader. How long will 7-11 goes out of business when some millennial figures out how to get cell phones to make Slurpees?

    2. I think 7-11s weird bulwark in Japan will keep them going post-phone-slurpee.

  2. You go to look at this thing and, a week later, hikers in the Santa Cruz mountains are gonna find your body, sans wallet...

  3. I'm trying to think if I ever, pre-Internet, bought a car from a newspaper ad. Can't recall a one. It was all word of mouth, afaicr.

    1. I definitely of Sunday morning's great joys was browsing the two+ pages of classified ads for a hidden gem. That was then replaced by the fun of picking up a super-thick copy of autotrader and flipping immediately to the letter of the alphabet that coincided with your favorite marque to see what automotive gold could be found.

      Might sound old and crotchety saying this, but the Internet has taken a little of that fun out of the hobby. Nowadays, if you've spotted a hidden gem, the odds are good that your're in a club of hundreds of thousands who saw the same ad, rather than a club of tens like back then.

    2. Damn all this modern information sharing!

      Flipside with the internets making finding hidden gems harder - it has made running and maintaining said gems a fair bit easier.

    3. True, true....didn't mean to sound like it's all bad....when one door closes, another certainly opens. Besides, pre-Internet everyone just thought I was the weird car I'm surrounded by weird car freaks with great sites like this.

    4. MY PEOPLE!

      Despite what everyone says, you all aren't as bad as people say you are.


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