Thursday, August 3, 2017

Money Pit: 1970 Lotus Europa S2

Let's get something out in the open.  This next car is going to be a money pit. A get caught cheating on your divorce atty spouse level of money shredder.  A cocaine addict with an unlimited line of credit at the local Goons R Us loan shark.  Like owning a classic boat.  A LOT like owning a classic boat, because you'll spend all of your time dealing with fiberglass and if the weather is bad you are gonna get wet.  But when the skys are clear and Poseidon smiles in your will be sweet.  Find this 1970 Lotus Europa S2 offered for $6,500 in Marina del Rey, CA via craigslist.

Over here at the DT headquarters, near the corner of Cheapskate Ln and Freecar Alley, we love the Europa lightweight composite chassis, mid engine high revving powerplant and cheap entry price compared to something like a similar vintage Porsche 911.  I don't like project cars because I'd rather spend my weekends driving a classic instead of wrenching on one...but this is a really nice price.

See a better way to drive a Lotus?


  1. A Lotus Europa was my childhood dream car. Finally bought a "nice" one in 2004. Owned it 5 years, drove it 1000 miles total. It had two flaws..... 1. It's British, 2. It's plastic. Since selling it in 2009 I swore to never own a car that had either of those flaws.

  2. Shocker - A Europa for sale not running.

  3. The only Lotus Europa I'd consider owning is the one Foose re-manufactured for his mechanic.

    1. That was an awesome build. Surprisingly the paint job was not too Foosey.
      I would just take off the DuBs and do some minilites


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