Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Flathead V8: 1951 Ford Custom Coupe

The '51 Ford was just a re-body of the '50 Ford which was just an updated '49 Ford, but nobody will accuse you of being boring if you drive one today.  Find this 1951 Ford Custom Coupe here on eBay bidding for $7,600 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go, located in Paso Robles, CA.

Ford offered two engines in the '49/'50/'51 Ford, a 3.7 liter inline-6 or a 3.9 liter Flathead V8...speed lovers and moonshiners chose the V8 (like this one) for its low end torque and available aftermarket hot rod parts.

Per the seller:
Up for bid 1951 ford coupe all original,  first time since 1992 offered. Been parked in a garage,  2nd owner car...first owner keep it in a garage too. Was built in California and never left. 53,000 miles on this flathead v8 , with a 3 speed overdrive... all original paint , glass , interior,  runs great call with questions 805 234 4396 ...
On Aug-16-17 at 23:31:36 PDT, seller added the following information:
The bad stuff front seat will need help , some weather molding will need replacing , will need a big service before a big drive... thanks for looking ....

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