Sunday, August 20, 2017

Clean White Paper: 1995 BMW 540i

The E34 (1987-1996) was the third generation of BMW's executive class 5-series sedan and it was the first to feature V8 power.  As the high mileage examples of the E34 are driven into the ground, a few nice examples float around waiting for some magical renaissance for used German luxury sedans that may or may not happen.  I say driven 'em while they're new...ish.  Find this 1995 BMW 540i offered for $6,900 in Lexington, OH via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:
For sale is a 1995 BMW 540i manual 5 speed. This car is actually a 530i that had the engine upgraded to the m60b40 engine. This engine came out of a 740i with only 70k miles. It runs and drives great with no powertrain issues from the swap. The car also looks great inside and out. I have extensive service records on this car, and it has absolutely zero rust. Clean and clear title with no accidents. Unfortunately the air conditioning has stopped working, so that will need to be serviced, but that is reflected in the price. I am asking $6900. A factory original 540i with manual transmission would cost two times as much. Please call or txt 

See a better way to drive a German 5-speed V8 sedan?


  1. What I have learned so far from a week of ownership with an e34

    Much more basic and easier to work on than even bmws from 2000 on up
    The nineties was a long time ago. This is officially a old car
    Old BMWs have a distinct smell
    when something doesn't work check relays, fuses and connenections
    If you show your e34 to your kids babysitter, don't expect them to be impressed
    The stock suspension is about as good as a Ford ltd

    1. one more you'll learn---It'll be a toss up whether you change the oil or window regulators more often.


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