Monday, August 28, 2017

Cab Over Engine: 1957 Dodge C-Series COE

In 1954 Dodge released a new series of full sized pickups that could be purchased in a conventional front-engine style truck or a monstrous cab over engine beast like you can see here.  You don't see many of them and you certainly wouldn't like to see one looming in your rear view mirror like a scene out of the Duel.  Find this 1957 Dodge C-Series COE here on eBay bidding for $4,650 with 3 days to go, located in Lake City, CO. Tip from Terry.

From the seller:

I have a 1957 COE Dodge 1 1/2 ton truck for sale, I do not know very much about the vehicle it was a former Dump truck. The guy I bought it from just wanted the dump bed and not the truck. It is a V8 not sure what size (not a Hemi) it still has the PTO attached and controls to raise/lower the dump bed. I have never attempted to start the truck but the engine is free and it rolls around nicely. I believe I have a title for this one.
   A $500 deposit within 48 hrs. via PayPal or in person and must be paid in full by 5 business days.
 Vehicle is being sold as is buyer is responsible for transportation/removal must be moved within 30 days unless prior arrangements are made.

  Thanks and good luck !

See a better way to go truckin?


  1. Probably a polyspherical V8, unless they've swapped something later in.

    That thing would be a very cool parts chaser and tow vehicle with a stepside bed - or maybe a stakebed setup. The latter would certainly be easier to fab.

  2. ha - was just wondering when we'd see that chubby baby bird badge again


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