Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Basic Fun: 2000 Audi TT

The Golf mk4 based Audi TT was released in 1999 with Bauhaus styling, room for 4 (in the coupe), and a transverse mounted 20-valve inline-4 that used a small turbo boost up the fun.  It wasn't a bad car but prices today are ridiculously low.  Find this 2000 Audi TT here on eBay offered for $2,900 buy-it-now or make-offer located in Brownwood, TX.

 From seller:

Re-listed due to non communicative and non paying bidder.

I have owned since 2007. Bought from dealer out of Florida on EBAY.
35 miles to the gallon with no A/C
Original clutch with no issues apparent.
Engine runs good with great acceleration. No modification ever.
Passed inspection and registered in July 2017
Body good.
Full size spare on new rim which has not been used. Tire is used.
Everything functions and works like it should.
Interior better than average.
Newer LED dash for readout. and temperature gauge for accurate reading.
Garaged since I owned. Bought from individual out of Florida.
Owner manual and one set of keys
Timing belt done around 70k
Needs A/C compressor and lower hose line. (mechanic checked and recommended)
Has a little vibration when accelerating hard but stop when foot off of gas.(possible CV joint)
Car can be  driven and continues to get 35 mpg. ( car is not driven any longer since I've decided to sell)
Headliner is sagging and currently held up by push buttons.
Carpet in rear cargo has been pulled. Glue no match for Texas heat.
Red sticker on rear bumper is hiding a small mark where someone nicked me.
Air Bag light on. Air bags have never been deployed.

I can no offer no warranties and the issues I listed was brought to my attention by a mechanic. I am sad to sell but have no ability to tackle the issues on my own. Fun car to drive and overall been a great vehicle.

Please be prepared to ship yow or drive.

I have tried to be as straight forward and have sold vehicles, and boats on EBAY  before. Please look at my feedback rating and feel comfortable asking any questions you may have. Just sold a Jeep Wrangler in July with feedback.

 Had to put a price on listing but open to all reasonable offers.

See a better car for less than $3k?


  1. "Airbag light on"-- major red flag... run... away... quickly...

    1. Yeah, that is the thing... "Everything functions and works like it should"... "Needs A/C compressor"..."Has a little vibration when accelerating hard but stop when foot off of gas"..."Air Bag light on"... Different definition of "everything works" than I have apparently.

  2. But are these decent cars? There is a 2001 TT 225 near me with 108k.

  3. Airbag light could be as simple as seatbelt latches. Both my early Boxster's had this issue. Replace the receiver mounted on seat and the harness, reset the light. Go to go.


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