Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Armored Truck: 1964 International Harverster Loadstar

The next car comes as a tip from Rock On who wrote that the car is the "perfect anti road rage vehicle"...not sure if he meant it'll stop you from being the victim of road rage, or it'll stop you from committing road rage...either way, I like it!  Find this 1964 Harverster Loadstar offered for $14000 in Las Vegas, NV via craigslist.

Per the seller:

Selling a 1964 International Harvester Loadstar Armored Truck with bullet proof windows!!! This classic is very cool and deserves to be in anybody's car collection. It runs great and looks even better. If you are interested contact Tomas 


  1. Ain't nobody gonna mess with you in this!

  2. The detailing bill must have been HUGE! Very cool as long as you own a gas station Have to admit if you're an insecure person this should solve many of your problems.

  3. Perfect for those over protective Moms looking to make sure there kid gets to school safely!


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