Thursday, July 13, 2017

Turbo Trio: 1998 Eclipse GST, 1992 MR2, 1985 Dodge K-Car 600 Ragtop

Who doesn't want a turbocharged car that is a few decades old and dirt cheap?  Modern cars might get better fuel economy and last longer between rebuilds...but nothing beats a simple boosted 4-banger for cheap fun and today, tipper Matt C sent in the following trio of turbocharged terrors.  
Words by Matt: First up is a clean - but decidedly not stock - 2nd generation Eclipse. The burning oil might be valve seals if you're lucky - trashed piston rings from too much detonation if you aren't. (Ed note: Cough cough, crank walk...cough...something in my throat...)

Next up is an MR2 Turbo that has a fairly popular mod - they've swapped in a later version of the 3S-GTE for more horsepower.

Lastly, we have a surprisingly clean K-car, a Dodge 600 convertible. They claim it's a Shelby motor, but it looks like a standard Turbo 1 to me; I don't see any Shelby bits in the underhood shot. (Ed note: the seller says it has an "Electron Top" and its got me all charged up!)

Which one would you drive?

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