Friday, July 21, 2017

DT5.0 Coug'd it: 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7

Wrapping up our celebration of the first 5 cars posted to Daily Turismo, coming in at number 5 is the Mercury Cougar XR7  (Now read that again in your best Casey Kasem voice).  Find this 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7 for sale in New Haven, CT for $18,000 via craigslist.  This post is part of DT's 5th Birthday Celebration.

5 years ago our new E-i-C sifted through the Miatas, MR2's and E30's that inhabited the $5K category and turned up a 1967 Cougar (no, not that kind).  Again the pics and the ad have long since disappeared, but by carefully reading the ancient scrolls, we can glean that Cougar was an original survivor complete with white walls, fake chrome wheel covers and a torn up interior.

Our current find is a bit more dear at $18K, but is more of a pro tourer than a patina'd survivor.  You can read the entire write up in the ad, but highlights are a new 351 Cleveland with many Edelbrock, Hooker (no, just no), Crane and Flowmaster (need a prescription for that?).  The chassis has also seen some work with a refreshed suspension and subframe connectors along with 4 piston calipers in front.  It's also running on new BFG's on 17" wheels.

Inside the interior is no longer original, but it still seems to retain the period wheel with the "safety" boss.  The paint is fairly new and best of all according to the seller is no rust.  The sequential tail lights have been upgraded with solid state units and the vacuum operated hidden front headlights have been replaced with electric units.

See a betta Cougah? email us here:

Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent.


  1. And if you need to wash the roof you can stand on the tailpipes....

  2. Looks like a decent car, not very common anymore. Engine looks nice. Hopefully no rust as stated...but for the love of God, stop putting wheels with the wrong offset on cars. Just stop. Stop doing it. Don't try to fudge it and half-ass it, it makes the whole car look rednecked and half-assed, and makes me laugh when someone asks $18K for this $11K car. I don't even want to get started on using plumbing pipe for the exhaust...


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