Thursday, July 6, 2017

British Bulldog: 1975 MG Midget

The MG Midget was a pint sized little runabout from Morris Garage that shared mechanical parts with the odd looking Bugeye Sprite from Austin-Healey. The Midget shared basically every part of its bill-of-materials (except the badge) with the Sprite, but it survived its corporate sibling as the British automotive industry imploded.  At least for a few years.  Find this 1975 MG Midget offered for $1800 near Phoenix, AZ via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

See a better way to drive a sub $2k classic?


  1. That is a pretty nice price. Makes me wonder how difficult the chrome bumper conversion is. Also, how many points would be awarded to whomever successfully drives this home out of state?

    1. "This kit requires cutting, welding, and painting. Professional installation recommended."

      - Moss Motors chrome bumper conversion kit instructions

      Cost of the kit is about 1,300 bucks.

    2. Not to pick BAT like Nits, that link is for the MGB kit.

    3. How hard can it be to make it work for a Spridget? Just cut a couple of inches out of the middle of each piece.

  2. Looking at the little protrusions in the front, it appears to have spent time behind someone's RV. Paint looks far better in the picture above, than in the rest of the pictures in the ad, but $1800 for a convertible that runs and drives is a steal. Who cares how slow it is.

  3. Slow car fast >> Fast car slow

  4. I bought a terrible 77 Fiat 124 in Seattle for $1500 and drove it to SF. Best weekend ever! Tempted again...

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  7. The switch to chrome bumpers isnt that hard, it needs to be lowered afterwords to look right but its a very common swap. Nice lookng car for the price but for a little more you can find a 1275 car.


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