Monday, June 19, 2017

What Am I? Guess the BL Product

Welcome to another Monday Morning game of chicken with slot cars -- also known as  What Am I?  Even if you flinch, nobody wins.  Todays game comes courtesy of Zach who sent us a picture and asks everyone to guys the British Leyland product.  Good luck!

What Am I? Comments below.


  1. Its a leyland tractor, probably a 384 or other post nuffield model as the blue and silver pinstripe and decal kit denotes also missing factory grill.

    1. You, sir, Mr Chicken, sir, are veeeeery close, sir. Combined with the might of the KBZ, will probably figure it out.

  2. Id guess thats a Princess in all of its wedgey goodness...

  3. A Leyland 255 tractor, like this one?
    [img src="" style="height:318px; width:425px"/]

    1. I'll have to share the crown between you, Marc and KBZ - it is indeed a Leyland tractor that happens to be sitting across the street from a brewery local to me in Anchorage, Alaska. Sitting, sipping a beer at Cynosure Brewing with the word LEYLAND crying out to me from across the street made certain I would eventually have to investigate. I believe it's a Leyland 270, missing its grille, as noted, and also sporting a nice hole in the side of the engine block, which may be why it hasn't moved much in a while.

      Google maps has it here a while, hiding behind a semi trailer.


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