Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday Twister: Scissors

Today's Thursday Twister idea came from commenter NoCo FoMoPar who posted in the Meyers Manx SR2 feature -- Is this a gullwing door or a scissor door? In any case, challenge to the group is to find a cheaper way to get a vehicle with this type of door design. Go....

Find the best scissors door equipped cars for sale.  Go!


  1. Well if you want to spite your neighborhood association for making you get rid of your collection of "vintage" school buses, this would be a start

  2. And given that every american convertible that I have ever owned or even seen has reinforced doors to transfer compression loads from the hinge to the door jamb, this looks like a bad idea.

    A friend had a 1969 Impala convertible and replaced the passenger door with a door from a hardtop. The first time she pulled into a parking lot over a curb cut the door got crushed.

    1. I was not aware of that difference. Thanks, Hugh ;)

  3. How about $1200 Cdn (that's about a dollar fifty US)

    94 Camaro

    Or even cheaper, at $800 Cdn:

    88 Cavalier

    1. Cavalier does not come with steering wheel or wheels. That's gonna be an exciting drive home!

  4. This has always been my first choice after Countach and LeMans prototype cars.
    Autozam AZ-1

    1. Yep, love the Autozam. I was parked next to one at a Cruise Night last year. Very cool, and very usable.


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