Tuesday, June 6, 2017

SHELBY, SHELBY, SHELBY: 1991 Dodge Shadow Convertible

The early 1980's were a particularly dark time for performance cars.  Chrysler CEO Lee Iaccoca's product line got a kick in the ass after signing legendary car builder Carroll Shelby to work his magic. Shelby turbo charged every K-car he could get his hands on.  The party ended in 1989 with the Shadow based CSX model.  Today's car was home built by a engineer as a Shelby concept/tribute car to exceed the specs called for on the 89 CSX.  Find this 1991 Dodge Shadow Convertible for sale in Harrison Township, MI for $9,126 via craigslist. 

This Shadow convertible is said to have $21 grand invested into the build which reaffirms the credo of buying someone else's restoration.  The car has full CSX trim: 5 speed, 2.5 turbo, adjustable Koni suspension, sweet looking Recaros, disk brakes, powder coated brake calipers, body kit, upgraded sound system, and more.

Everything is said to work as advertised with cold AC, heat, strong turbo, no smoke, no strange noises, or leaks.  The seller describes the car as being tight and quick.  He has used the car seasonally storing it in the winter.  Apparently, a counterfeit ad was posted a couple years ago by a known hack so it is noted the photos in this ad are legitimate.

Here are the places that Shelby name is noted on the car:  rear deck lid, both doors, engine valve cover, steering wheel, seat fabric, door sill plates, plaque near the ignition, floor mats, singed tachometer, and windshield banner.

See a turbo Dodge with a stranger asking price? email tips@dailyturismo.com

Cory is working on selling a 5 speed swap kit off a 1986 Mercedes 300e, clearing out a stash of spare Benz parts, and getting his 1995 Mercedes C36 AMG on the road.


  1. What's the significance of the $9,126 price?

  2. You could get the Shelby polo shirt, hat, lawn chair, and umbrella for the car show and still no one would car.

    Not that it isn't a nice car, Just slightly irreverent.

  3. I sure as heck don't care. It's a a modified shadow. Whatever.

  4. That seat and door covering is wild!


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