Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fourgonette About It: 1980 Willam Fourgonnette

Do not attempt to adjust your monitor -- the images you are seeing are indeed true to life, but might be shocking to some viewers.  Long before the Scion xB or Nissan Cube were introduced, there was a little car builder in Italy that figured out that a scooter powered car in France would sell like hot cakes.  Find this 1980 Willam Fourgonnette here on eBay bidding for $1738 reserve-not-met located in Antibes, France with 4 days to go.

The original Lambretta-William (LAWIL) microcar was a tiny 2-seater powered by a 125 or 175cc scooter engine, but the Fourgonette was the commercial van version...that was also powered by a single asthmatic hamster with 3 legs and an attitude problem.

The 80 km/h speed is about as unrealistically optimistic a Hillary 2020 presidential campaign -- but the idea of going anything over bike lane speeds in this mobile death trap 

See a better city delivery car for a hipster startup? tips@dailyturismo.com 


  1. Wow, this makes a 2CV Truckette look positively luxurious and safe.

  2. Every time I see one of these I think of:


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