Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Custom Junk: 1950 Studebaker Starlight

If you read DT's tag line at the top of the page it says: "The Internet's best fun cars, cheap daily drivers, vintage classics and custom junk, on the road for less than $20k."  Ignoring grammar and punctuation, it is a pretty powerful statement, but today I want to aim the spotlight on "custom junk."  Yeah.  Find this 1950 Studebaker Starlight Coupe offered for $5,000 in Cocoa, FL via craigslist. Tip from JPB.

This car started life as a Starlight Coupe, complete with wrap-around rear window, but someone decided it would be better as a convertible and removed the distinctive roof and rear glass. But the customization didn't stop is now powered by a small block Chevy V8 and has completely custom interior...not much remains from the factory.

See another two-tone custom?


  1. "You blew it up, Aw damn you, damn you all to hell!" A serious disservice here I think.

  2. For the folks like me who had no idea what a Starlight Coupe was supposed to look like:

  3. Waka Waka!
    [image src="" width="400px"/]

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