Monday, May 22, 2017

What Am I? Greasy Side Down

Welcome back to our Monday morning game of zip gun tag-- also known 'round these parts as What Am I?  Today, you get to take a look at the dirty underside of this car and figure out the make/model.

What am I? Comments below.


  1. Ok.. here are my observations:
    No Muffler in sight, which means its all behind the rear axle = small engine
    What first appears to be hydraulic brake lines look like sleeves around mechanical brake cables. At first I figured it was an e-brake, but no other lines visible = small light car
    Appears to be a single leaf spring - again suggesting small, light car
    Lots of rust, even on the frame rails which almost look like small I-beams.
    Drive-shaft appears to have a rag joint in the front instead of a u-joint = again
    small light car
    Exhaust exits on the right side, which if built for a polite society, it should be pointing away from the curb..
    This would seem to suggest a British/Australian car.
    Tires have tall sidewalls but look like fairly big tires, suggesting its some obscure 4-place family car instead of a sports car.
    Man, is the right answer gonna hurt! (Clearly, I am no Sherlock Holmes)


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