Friday, May 12, 2017

V8 Convertible: 1984 Ford Ranger

File this next one under the "what the heck am I looking at folder" -- it seems to have started as a Ford Ranger pickup, but is now Chevy 350 V8 powered and equipped with a one-piece clamshell top.  Find this 1984 Ford Ranger offered for $5,500 in La Follette, TN via craigslist.  Tip from Dave M.

From the seller:

Up For Sale or Trade

Full One Off Custom Ford Ranger
Phantom one piece top
350 Chevy, 350 transmission
Runs Good Drives Good
Will Need a couple things fixed to be show quality again
Look at Pictures

More than 16k invested

$5500 obo

Possible Trade for
Harley VW Bug Chopper

call or text me with any questions

See a stranger car parked in front of a pawn shop?


  1. When I saw the listing, I was hoping for some magical folding convertible mechanism. Obviously this was built as a show vehicle, since any practical use is negated by the rear-hinged clam shell top. And I sure hope he has some kind of ignition interlock so you can't accidentally release the roof latch when you are driving!

  2. Disappointed there isn't a Jacuzzi in the back

  3. Lone Ranger on the door cards OMG

  4. I wish I had a Harley VW Bug Chopper to trade. That sounds like a interesting mash up

  5. The fans clipped to the back of the seats are a nice touch. Guessing the AC doesn't work.

    The bed would be great for hauling trophies.


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