Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ten-Hut!: 1941 Indian 741-b

World War 2 was an existential threat and as such, American industry went from making consumer goods to becoming the Arsenal of Democracy.  Factories were converted from civilian to military production and civilian products that had military use were re-designated.  Such as the Indian Scout which was re-designated as the model 741.  Find this 1941 Indian 741-b for sale in Iowa City, IA for $18,000 via craigslist.
Tip from Zach Z.

The civilian version of the 741 was the Scout Thirty-Fifty.  In production since 1932, the Thirty-Fifty/741 was powered by a 500cc thumper putting out around 18 hp.  About 30,000 741's were produced for use by US, British and Commonwealth forces.

This bike was rebuilt recently using lots of new old stock parts from Ziggy's Motorworks, a noted source for Indian original and reproduction parts in Washington State.  This bike has 153 miles on it since the engine rebuild and the seller calls it "fun and challenging to ride".

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  1. Not at all familiar with WWII American bikes, but at first glance it would appear that the differences in controls between the Indians and Harleys sold into war duty must have made it very tough to jump off of one and onto another.

  2. Agree with Hunsbloger kinda like going back to a Italian or English bike before shifter was put on the right side and brake left.

  3. Jay Leno road one not easy to ride with throttle on left suicide clutch and shift on the right.

  4. Shift on the right was born out of circle track racing. Your left boot is mostly on the ground.

  5. Beautiful to look at though....


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