Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday Shortake: Lot Of 30 Mopar B-body Cars

You come across some odd stuff surfing Craigslist.  This lot of 30 Mopar B-body cars for sale in Rhinebeck, NY via craigslist certainly qualifies.  It would be interesting to find out the back story here.  It is a safe bet to say the seller is unmarried from looking through these pictures.  This hoard of cars and parts would be prime subject matter for an episode of either the Discovery channels shows Graveyard Carz or Lord of the Car Hoards.

The list of available cars includes the following Dodge B-body cars: 2 68 Road Runners, 68 HTC, 2 69 Road Runners, 69 charger R/T, 2 71 Road Runners, 2 71 Charger R/Rd, 71 Super Bee, 72 Road Runner, 72 GTX , 3 72 Chargers, 73 Road Runner, 73 GTX, 74 GTX, and more.  Pricing on any of these cars is anybody's guess.

Does Triple A Plus cover towing these rusty hulks?

There looks to be quite a bit of spare parts littered around the property.

What is the likelihood that the owner died and his relatives are dealing with this mess?

See a better Dodge junkyard? email

Cory is getting ready to change out the waterpump and a number of front of the engine pieces on his 1995 Mercedes C36 AMG this weekend.


  1. actually... i'll be up thataway in a few weeks - will grab a tetanus booster, then check it out - and the Cadillac place too - any DTers in the vicinity?

    1. Tetanus is a virus that lives in the ground. It has NOTHING to do with rust.

  2. Loard of the car Whores....might have a good one or 2.

  3. Is this the male equivalent of the Crazy Cat Lady? Each acquisition made sense in the moment, but over time.....


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