Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Restomod: 1953 Pontiac Woody Station Wagon

In 1953 a shopper at a Pontiac dealer had a number of choices -- starting with the entry level Chieftain (except for Canada, which had the Pathfinder) and then going up in class to the Super Chief, Star Chief, or the Safari if wagons were your thing.  Today's next feature is vaguely related to a '53 Pontiac Safari, but it has some modern Ford parts on the greasy side.  Find this 1953 Pontiac Woody Station Wagon offered for $6,500 near Seattle, WA via craigslist.  Tip from JB1025.

This thing lives on what is probably a Ford Bronco chassis and is powered by a 302 cubic inch small block Ford V8 mated to a 5-speed manual's probably a fun little ride.

See a better way to start your woodie collection?


  1. The builder of this thing calling it a woodie wagon, for the purpose of passing it on to a new owner, is much like a guy who built an outhouse listing it for sale as a home.

    1. succinctly put. This is one effed up frankenstein

  2. Wow never saw the second picture cudos to DT maybe that was on purpose....? Looks to be the new model for the Flintstones with a growing family nice 50's 3rd brake

  3. Listings like this always bug me. Sellers: call the vehicle what it is: a customized Ford Bronco with wood paneling and some Poncho front sheetmetal. It is decidedly not a '53 Pontiac unless it's registered as one, I suppose.

  4. By "body" I think they mean front fenders and hood attached to a Bronco.

  5. Well, that's the the first time I have seen a "woodie" built out of 2x6 lumber. I hope at least it was pressure-treated.


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