Monday, May 22, 2017

Rare Ragtop: 1959 Nash Metropolitan Convertible

This next car comes from tipper Rod444 who included some analysis with his tip:  Sure you've heard of a Nash, and probably a Nash Metropolitan if you're a car guy, but how about a Nash Metropolitan convertible? Not your typical Sunday cruiser but this one looks like a viable candidate for a great restoration.  From this 1959 Nash Metropolitan Convertible offered for $2,900 in Scottsdale, AZ via craigslist.

The seller says it's been in the same family for 40 years and has some documentation to go along with the sale, a definite preference to the barn find flippers who don't even bother to take their finds off a trailer before passing them on. And most thankfully, he actually managed to take more than one picture. It looks like with a little love, paint and most definitely some seats, this 1.5 liter little wonder could be quite the draw at your next car show. The Metropolitan has the interesting distinction of being one of the few cars that most people can reach out both windows at the same time, without even leaning in the driver's seat - try that in your F350, buddy.

Thanks to Rod444 for the words and tip!  Send your own tip (with commentary if you feel inclined) to


  1. Dang! Posting has been deleted by the author. Either someone snapped it up, or someone told him he was selling way too low.

    I like the classic look of these, but I have never driven one, or even been a passenger. Does anyone know what these are like to drive?

  2. My Mom had one. That was 58 years ago, don't quite remember much. It was turquoise and white.

  3. hi im anthony is the nash still for sale

    1. Sorry, a wealthy Nigerian prince just made me an offer I couldn't refuse


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