Monday, May 1, 2017

No Swap: 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

General Motors finally fitted the mid engine Fiero with a proper suspension for the 1988 model year and then promptly discontinued the car.  The 1988 cars are the rarest and most desirable Fiero's to own.  These cars are definitely on the DT list of most commonly featured engine swaps.  Today's car prompts a tough question to answer: is it wiser a to leave a stock 1988 car alone or throw caution to the wind and pick a favorite GM fwd engine to swap in??  Will a nice 1988 Fiero GT ever appreciate in the future?  Find this 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT for sale in Branford, CT for $7,500 via craigslist.

This Fiero has had the same owner for twenty seven years and has 91,000 on the odometer.  The aftermarket 17" Borbet wheels on the car are a +2 upgrade over the 15" stock wheels (which are included in the sale) and certainly look "the business".  The car was equipped with the HO 2.8 pushrod V6 engine.  The high output engine was decent enough in its day, but it should not come as any surprise that enthusiasts change out this 140 hp mill these days.

The seller has kept the car garaged and has never used it in the New England winters.  The car is said to be well maintained and all features are in good working order.  A total of 6,848 Fiero GT models were sold for 1988.

For the 1988 model year, the Chevy Chevette front suspension and X car rear suspension was put out to pasture.  Apparently, the revised 1988 set up was how the GM engineers has designed it from the beginning.

Is this Fiero better off with a Northstar engine and a Ferrari inspired body kit? email

Cory finally sourced a set of original monoblock wheels for his 1995 Mercedes C36 over the weekend.


  1. Funny that a car that has seen no winter use has snow tires mounted on the OEM wheels.

  2. So how much is the premium for 88 model this price seems high. Road in a V-6 model was pretty bad expected a little better but was needing work owned by a white punk on dope.

  3. Chop Top Archie ?


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