Friday, May 5, 2017

Material Handler Truck: 1989ish Freightliner Unimog

Daimler AG sells trucks in the USA through its subsidiary Freightliner -- but not just big on-highway heavy goods haulers, but also curiously awesome oddballs like this next thing.  Find this 1989ish Freightliner Unimog bidding for $17,639 via auctions. Tip from Don.

This thing is described as a High Mobility Material Handler transforms into a giant scorpion looking setup for the ultimate in cherry picking and forklifting.  It seems like the perfect vehicle for taking to Mars if you were to go with Musk and his ilk to colonize another planet.

See a better way to haul around some junk at low speeds?


  1. This was on Barnfinds earlier this week
    More Info

  2. Son of a gun! With this thing, I could replace about half a dozen vehicles and machine I have around my place. Is there a mower attachment?

  3. "Is there a mower attachment?"
    oh is there ever...

    1. this one in particular
      [image src="" width="400px"/]
      is rather charming

    2. My neighbours would be in awe! Frankly that thing is totally cool. Very tempting.....

  4. I drove by this place a couple months ago while visiting a buddy in Wisconsin. They had SO MUCH cool military surplus on their lot, and almost none of it was priced above the DT mid-teens threshold.


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