Sunday, May 14, 2017

JDM VIP RHD PDQ: 1988 Toyota Century

If you were a well compensated Japanese executive shopping for a properly boss ride in the late 1980s, you didn't have many domestic cars to pick from.  You could get something imported like a Rolls Royce or a Mercedes S-Class...but many Japanese businessmen preferred to keep it local, perhaps with good reason.  Find this 1988 Toyota Century offered for an undisclosed price in Seattle, WA via craigslist. Tip from JB1025.

The Toyota Century survived mostly unchanged for a remarkable 30 year long lifespan (1967-1997) akin to other immortals like the original Daimler DS420.  The bumpers, headlights and other small items evolved as regulations changed, but changes to the front mounted V8 and rear-drive platform were evolutionary at best, but it's probably best to get a one from later years to avoid rust and carburetors.

I could go into the details of the 4.0 liter 5V-EU V8 offered under the hood, but it won't really matter to the guy who has figured out that you can recline in comfort with this crazy passenger seatback dropdown feature.

See a better car with curtains?


  1. Definitely different. Remember the movie 'The Fly'? It's like they put an Cressida and an 80's Rolls-Royce into one of those pods and that's what came out on the other end.

    1. While I admittedly don't know much about these cars, that seems like the best description. If I owned this, I would make everyone address m3 as "Mr. Chairman."

  2. Is the red floor mat in case you spill the wine Red Red Wine.


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