Monday, May 15, 2017

Home Mad: 1979 Chevy-Buick Rat Rod

There are few rules in the world of custom vehicle creation, but don't be a copy-cat seems to be something the next seller followed closely.  Just don't follow this thing too closely, because something might fall off.  Find this 1979 Chevy-Buick Rat Rod offered for $4000 in Columbia, TN via craigslist. Tip from DM.

The seller says that it might have a frame from a '55 Chevrolet, but it was built in the late 70s and titled as a 1979 other.

The ergonomics of a totally vertical seat-back is is suspect, but seriously, no cup holders?  Where do I put my beer?

See a better car for Home Depot runs?


  1. ".... and in next week's episode of Vegas Rat Rods, we will learn about the compound curve."

  2. Metal work done right not to my eyes....If it was a VRR it would be a

  3. and we just sit on the floor mats? My back & butt hurt already.


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