Monday, May 8, 2017

Foxy Bod: 1979 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon

The Ford Fairmont (and its badge engineered Mercury Zephyr cousin) was a Fox-body based large compact (or small mid-sized) sedan that superseded the Maverick in 1978 and survived until it was replaced with the ill-timed Tempo in 1984.  A used Fairmont won't get you front row parking at the valet, but it does a nice job of checking the Fox-body box in your bucket list.  Find this 1979 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon offered for $2700 in Colorado Springs, CO via craigslist.  Tip from Zach Z.

This refrigerator white wagon is the perfect vehicle for hauling around your junk in total anonymity -- BUT, a few people in the "know" might notice, particularly when you make some modifications to 302 cubic inch V8 under the hood.

See a better way to fox it up?


  1. Wow, not many Fox-bodied wagons left (or any Fairmonts, for that matter). Looks to be in solid condition. Miles are not a big concern on these cars, but rust is. What are conditions like in that area of Colorado? I know they get snow, but do they use road salt?

    Mechanical parts are still plentiful and cheap, and these things are about the easiest car to work on that I have ever owned. The wagons carry impressive amounts of stuff. I still dream of merging a Fox wagon body with a similar-era Mustang GT drive train and suspension.....

    1. Here's another one outside of Seattle: CLASSIC 1978 FORD FAIRMONT STATION WAGON (all caps, just like the ad)

      [image src="" width="400px"/]

      I'm especially digging the bungee cord holding the rear passenger door closed.

  2. My first question. Can I get a carpet kit?

  3. Ughhhh, no. This was the first car I remember my mom was a brown one with woodgrain, and was just a horrible place to spend time as a kid.

    Traded it in 1984 for a Dodge Caravan---they bought one of the first ones in town, and riding in the back of that thing compared to the Fairmont felt like going from the shi#house to the penthouse.

  4. Every time one of these shows up on DT, I have to repeat this nugget. I spent the summer of 1982 driving the two brake pedal version of one of these around for driver's ed. The football coach was also the driver's ed teacher and me and another guy drove him around on errands for our on-the-road time.

  5. Ebay turbo but keep the exterior stock....


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