Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cleanmaster: 1993 Buick Roadmaster w/ 38k miles

The Buick Roadmaster certainly has its fans around these parts; the body-on-frame finale of GM's Land Yacht division was available as a 4-door sedan, yes, but more importantly as a full-on wagon, akin to the Chevy Caprice. Ford may have made the Crown Victoria until 2011, but this whale you see here is the last of the real traditional American wagons. Imagine our shock when finding one with a claimed 38,000 original miles. Find this 1993 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon for sale in Carlsbad, CA for $6,800 on Better Way Auto's website. Tip from Hunsbloger!

Resident late-model Buick Roadmaestro and Graphics Guru KBZ wanted to do a mic-drop posting of a dozen photos of this car, with the one word: perfection. I'm not able to leave well enough alone however, so here are some words about the car. Badonk.

As in, look at that rear end. If that doesn't scream "I'm a wagon and IDGAF," then not much could.

The car seen here is listed by a small dealer in the northern part of San Diego county, home to some staunch old rich Republican bluehairs. So it's not surprising that a low-mile creampuff Buick would come out of this area, but this one really does take the cake in originality and condition.

Check out those barcaloungers. If Fat Tony from the Simpsons was a leather-stuffed seat, this is what he'd look like. This thing certainly smells better than an overweight mobster, even if it would look just right with a pinky ring wearing, white loafered wise guy behind the wheel.

The utility you get with a Roadmaster wagon is second to none; the configurations are virtually endless. Rear glass hatch flips up, tailgate flips down or sideways. Rear-facing 3rd row bench up or down; same with the 2nd row too.

Don't attempt to adjust your monitor or mobile device. The photo above has not been horizontally stretched. These are the true proportions of the Master of Roads.

KBZ's former 1994 Roadmonster was bequeathed to E-i-C Vince, and since then I've had a chance to drive the beast. It looks exactly like this one, drives exactly like a Crown Vic, but has a surprising amount of grunt given the Corvette-spec LT1 V8 under the hood. The only downside of the '93 seen here is the lack of said LT1. 1992-1993 model years came with the 5.7L "L05," which despite having the same displacement, made only 180hp in contrast to the 260hp you get with an LT1 equipped 'Master. If you own a museum for endangered aquatic mammals - the one seen here is your car, but if you want to drive one regularly, wait for a good 1994-96.

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CFlo is Daily Turismo's co-founder and Technical Editor. When he's not thinking about turbo Volvos, he's wishing he had a big V8 cruiser.


  1. i was not paying close enough attention to know the '93 5.7 had such a horsepower deficit versus my LT1 - still, "perfect" - right down to the no scratches on the plastic tailgate trim, whereas mine took a beating from lumber, furniture moving, surfboards, tailgate parties, beach buckets, and what have you, befitting its 129,000-ish miles of service - good thing i supplied E-i-E-i-O with a huge bundle of chrome strips, trim bits, badges (stinking and not), including an entire tailgate skin - all patiently-pursued eBay treasure

  2. As I understand it, these are pretty excellent at towing, and had a fairly comprehensive available tow package. When looking limited pics in an ad like this, are there any clear giveaways that a particular car was equipped with the tow package?

  3. The black wall tires look out of place here

    1. i agree - the stodgy whitewalls were wrong too - white letter Firestone Firehawk Indy 500's, however...
      [image src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Yc_0sZxgwDU/Vda6np2vDKI/AAAAAAAAoag/62pnruhNOcc/s1600/IMG_6682.JPG" width="500px"/]

  4. Fry the little ones brains with the backseat sunroof.....lol

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. rollup sunshades ftw

      [image src="http://images.gtcarlot.com/customgallery/interior/81962996.jpg" width="300px"/]

    3. fwiw, Vince, i tried to post a JPG from Imgur and it crashed the site - found a JPG on a real site, swapped the URL, same rest of the code, and it works fine, as you can see - perhaps, sadly, a warning about posting Imgur images?

  5. @FTB - For the SBC equipped cars the answer is no. You have to look at the RPO codes and verify it has the code that indicates a component of the tow package. Typically you're looking for a specific gear ratio rear end. For the LT1 equipped cars anything with the mechanical fan has the tow package. If you can live without the mechanical fan but still want the towing rear end their was also a commercial/livery option that had all the features of the tow package except with electric fans. Much rarer to see however.

  6. WOW! It is so nice to see one of these without the fake wood paneling. I don't think I have EVER seen a better looking Roadmaster wagon, and my old girlfriend's family used to get a new one every year. Her daddy was a lawyer for GM and mommy loved the Roadmaster for running errands around Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan.

    Back then, she and I used to laugh about the car. In fact when I first met her around 1991, before we started dating, we were talking about cars. She had told me her father was a lawyer for GM, and I knew she was from Grosse Pointe Shores so obviously they had money. I said something like "Wow, I bet your dad drives a new Corvette ZR-1!"

    She laughed and said "Ha, no, actually my parents have this giant stupid boat of a car."

    "What, like a Buick Roadmaster?"

    "Oh my GOD, yes! How did you guess that? It's not even a regular car, it's a big ugly station wagon!!"

    BWAHAHAHA! We laughed and laughed at the thought of anyone driving a new Buick Roadmaster wagon thinking that was a good idea, especially anyone who might have the means to obtain anything GM had to offer.

    Now I look at this and it fills me with so much want. I would absolutely love to daily drive this beast.

  7. These are such a magnificent alternative to mini-van oatmeal hell. Amp it up to an-horsepower along with some nice brake / chassis upgrades. Cheap and easy to work on. Infinity engine choices and availability.

  8. I actually bought the car, it is a nice as you see in the pictures; only needed new tires as old ones were 14 years old and quite hard; I did put white walls on as I like that look better. Car is truly a time capsule right down to tags in engine bay, tags on doors and even original door quality stickers.

    1. excellent! - thanks a ton for telling us - actually 2.55 tons - now post more photos!

      when i bought mine - same perfect color, same wood delete, same billet wheels - it had whitewalls, which did look pretty good, i agree, but for a sleeper, and because i'm kind of a provocateur, i really loved the look of the white letter tires

      if you haven't had one before, get out there and start collecting chrome, especially the wraparound strip, with particular attention to the rear corners, which are runaway shopping cart magnets, true fact - some guys peel the rubber strip off, and if you're so inclined, do google up some photos showing it both ways, and damn the shopping carts - i opted to keep the rubber, which required an investment in 3M VHB double-sided "tape", which is to regular tape as a friction stir weld is to glue stick

      otherwise, nothing in particular - no fuss - throw the kiddies in third-row steerage and steady as she goes

    2. way to go, Klaus; well bought :)

    3. Word of caution....if it shows up on BaT in the next 12 months, you have to do the Elephant walk of shame. Just ask Doc Del.

  9. A little downscale for a rich republican bluehair in Northern SD County. Maybe owned by a orangehaired downscale relative from New York.


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