Monday, May 8, 2017

Auction Watch: 1969 Tweep Custom

Find this 1969 Tweep Custom here on eBay offered for $12,999 buy-it-now in Athens, TN.

From eBay listing:

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION we offer a one of a kind. The title names it as a custom rail buggy. The builder called it a Tweep. IS IT STREET LEGAL? Yes, it has a VIN, all the lights and a good title. HOW IS IT TITLED? It has a Kentucky title that states it as MAKE a Custom, MODEL is Railbug and as a rebuilt vehicle. It has never been wrecked, and it was built from the ground up. The title was first issued in North Carolina, the VIN tag was issued by North Carolina. This is not a 1969 year model it was built in 2004. Ebay Motors will not list it as a 2004 because it shows up with too few numbers in the VIN. WHAT IS THE ENGINE? Its a good running Chevrolet 283. I hear no knocks, no rattles and see no blue smoke. WHAT IS THE TRANSMISSION? Its a good shifting Chevrolet 2 speed Power Glide. WHAT IS THE FRAME? Its very strong, 2 inch by 4 inch box tubing with good welds. It is custom and the builder did a extra good job. All the roll bars, push bars and guards have nice bends. WHAT IS THE FRONT END AND READ END? The past owner said they were from a Chevrolet Suburban. The rear is a 10 bolt and geared nice for the road. It is not 4 wheel drive! HEAD LIGHTS WORK! TAIL LIGHTS WORK! TURN SIGNALS WORK! FOG LIGHTS WORK! BRAKE LIGHTS WORK! AIR HORN THAT WORKS! WHAT ARE THE BRAKES? Disc on front, drums on rear not power, really could use a booster. WHAT IS THE STEERING? Rack and pinion, not power. WHAT IS THE EXHAUST SYSTEM? Good sounding glass packs, full tube headers. TIRES AND WHEELS ARE IN GOOD CONDITION! WHERE IS THE VEHICLE LOCATED? Athens, Tennessee 37303. CONTACT: Ron


  1. I have to admit I find it oddly appealing.

    However the suggestive "barely legal" on the back and "got Jesus" on the dash are an odd combination on the same car. Perhaps the former is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the legality of the vehicle, and the latter a similarly cheeky remark meant for an unwary passenger who is wondering how safe this thing is.

    Also, given its NC/KY/TN heritage, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the cup holders are for spit cups.

  2. Jesus take the spit cup err wheel.


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