Friday, May 19, 2017

Articulating: 1962 Dyna-Mite

The Dyna-Mite was a small articulating 4X4 built by Dynaco out of Tucson, AZ for farm and industrial uses.  Find this 1962 Dyna-Mite offered for $1,500 in Homer, AK. Tip from Zach.

The seller claims these little things were sold to the military in Panama under the name of "Sadie" to be used as a Swamp Fox, but with a top speed of 15mph this is basically a small off-road golf cart.

See a stranger small 4x4 mule?


  1. So I was discussing this with a couple colleagues and found that not only this one, but two more are available in the greater south-central Alaska craigslist at the moment - enjoy:

    At the $1000 price point:
    At the bargain $750 price point:

    1. I really like the $750 one. My neighbors would love having it parked in my driveway.

  2. So add a standup lawn mower with a Garden Wagon simple much bigger looking in the other ads resets eyeball scale.


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