Friday, April 14, 2017

Notta Chebby: 1986 Jaguar XJ6

We've been posting a few (toom many?) Chevy small block powered Jags 'round these parts, so I reckon we should post a few stock examples as atonement for our swapping sins.  Find this 1986 Jaguar XJ6 offered for $2900 outside of Boston, MA. Tip from Art C.

The seller says it has been garaged its entire life, is in fantastic shape, runs good, and could use a tuneup?   Wut?  I know this is a Jaguar, but this isn't 1958 when every car needed its valves lapped and carb adjusted every few years...needs a tuneup for a modern car typically means -- something is terribly wrong but my mechanic says it will cost a kidney, spleen, and left big toe.  I hope not, because this car looks delicious.

See another clean brown car?


  1. Best definition of tune-up. Ever.

    God, I almost flagellated myself with a dilapidated xj40 for my first lemons build. The price was right but that thing had me convinced that the Brits were in no way our allies.

  2. Looks like the ad's gone already. We almost inherited a rusty one of these but my Father in Law wisely sold it on. It was guaranteed to be a money pit but my wife really wanted it.


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