Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The recipe for a the ultimate good times with a craigslist advertisement goes a little something like this: First, find a inexpensive car in extraordinary condition. Then, make unsubstantiated (and unverifiable) claims like owned by a former duke of Albania or used in the independent film " Marco Polo's day off". Finally, write your test in ALLCAPS.  That, my friend, is how you do it.  Like this 1993 TOYOTA CAMRY, 94,250 MILES, GRANDMA'S CAR (FOR REAL) - $3200 (TRUMBULL, CT.) via craigslist.

A few more things, before you think your craigslist ad is complete -- you've got to remove all of your license plates (or..for the lazy folks) just put a dirty dishtowel (or YOUR THUMB) in front of the plate for the pics.  I prefer a fig leaf, myself, but then I'm classy.  If you don't obscure your plate, some criminal might manufacture a replica of your plate, repaint his car to match and then go on a crime spree.  It is like the pre-internet version of SWATTING.

Just look at how nice the inside of this Camry looks -- it looks like this Grandma didn't hang her purse on the gearshifter, smoke, bash into every nearby immobile object, or use the back seat to load junk she found at a thrift shop...what kind of a Grandma keeps a car this nice?  Seriously?

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  1. In all honesty, this was probably the best Camry ever made. Starting with the next generation of Camry, Toyota began a decontenting binge that drastically affected the quality of these cars. If you couldn't see it, and they could slip it by, it got taken out. Things like gold plated connectors for major electrical components just disappeared, and so did a big part of the bulletproof reputation that Toyota had build.

    Here's a good article from the era on the topic.

  2. I didn't remember these were offered without body color matched door handles, they really stick out. I agree with FTB that this was the best generation of Camery, I bet this one has another 200k miles in it still.


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