Sunday, April 2, 2017

C'est Cela: 1965 Ford Galaxie

Words by Hunsbloger: C'est cela.. is more like it. You get fully into a project. Your painter bails and you're left with an unassembled car. Find this 1965 Ford Galaxie in Selah, WA where it looks like the owner, faced with putting it back together unpainted just ain't working, so he said c'est cela and put it up for sale of CL and hopes to find a gambler who will trust that its all good, it just needs puttin' together. Tip from FuelTruck.

Full sized 2 doors from the 60's are getting hard to come by, but not near as hard as getting this seller to include a picture of the freaking interior!! So, when I look at an ad like this, I just say, c'est cela and let it be, let it be, let it be oh let it be, rusting piles of metal, let it beeeeeee!

See another project waiting to suck all those dollar bills out of your wallet?


  1. The second pic looks like a still from a David Lynch movie. My best friends wife would call that whole car's situation "jangley". I think that's accurate.

  2. Selah has Apple Juice and Gang Bangers....

  3. So guessing a 289 Motor as i do not see any 390FE Badges but who stinkin needs them....

    1. It wasn't uncommon to find a 352 in that vintage Galaxie.


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