Saturday, April 8, 2017

Boss Turbo Power: 1980 Other

The term SEMA show car gets thrown around the internet like a pair of used underwear at a Bruce Springsteen concert, but the truth is that only a small percentage are truly worth a second glance.  Instead of the typical pearl paint, body kit, bolt-on performance parts, & giant wheel combo, this next SEMA show car is a true custom built by hand and offered for a used Honda Van price.  Find this 1980 Other here on eBay bidding for $3,150 reserve-not-met with $16,000 buy-it-now located in McKinney, TX with 5 days to go.  Tip from Rich.

The seller claims that the car was built in the 1980s by Mahler Engineering for show and it looks insane.  The fiberglass body sits on top of a powercoated steel frame, but the really sweet stuff sits under the hood.

That is a Ford 302 V8 from a Boss Mustang that is covered with Offy valve covers and is set up with a draw-through carbureted twin turbocharger system using Offy carbs and Rotomaster turbos.

See  a better tribute to the 60s that was built in the 80s?


  1. Um, one of the craziest cars iv'e seen in a while. I want to drive it so bad.

  2. Seems the like builder was was trying to 'cut down on carbs'.

    Anyone see where they are?

  3. This thing looks awesome!!

  4. Knot your Grampa's Monster Mobile....

  5. Dang, I like this thing. As far as I can tell, it lacks any of the necessary lights etc for road use, but how hard could that be, right.....?

    The Weber carbs appear to be mounted low beside the engine, essentially just in front of the exhaust manifolds, where the turbos live.

    I have been trying to figure out the suspension, especially the front. I can`t see how the top arm articulates, unless it just twists (some sort of torsion bar maybe?). Any other observations?

  6. This is a draw-thru carb setup (i.e. carbs are upstream of the turbo compressors). I'll revise the article. Vince regrets the error!


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