Monday, April 17, 2017

Auction Watch: 1986 AMC Eagle

Find this 1986 AMC Eagle here on eBay bidding for $9,850 with 2 days to go, located in Sioux Falls, SD.

From eBay listing:

1986 AMC Eagle Limited Woody Wagon - 32,764 actual miles

Up for sale is my actual mileage 1986 AMC Eagle Limited Wagon.

The car was purchased new in my home state of South Dakota. West of me in Rapid City. The original owners were a couple who lived there and bought it soon after they retired for their cabin in the Black Hills area. They drove it sparingly and kept every bit of paperwork and information for the entire time that they owned it.

I have a small personal collection of cars and paperwork is a big deal to me and it can say a lot about how a car was taken care of. For this car, I have the original window sticker, every receipt from day one, books, manual, even the original 1986 Title. I have owned the car for about 3 years now and I just feel its time to sell it to move on to my next car.

Everything about this car is right. It has most every option available for that year, and aside from some very minor touch up spots on the front area of the car, there isn’t really anything to fault this car on. The underneath looks as good as the top, and the interior looks as close to new as you are going to find on one of this eagles. I looked for one of these eagles for years, and let me tell you, they are hard to come by in this condition. This car is a piece of jewelry, and any inspector or judge will confirm what this car is. I’ve been collecting cars for years, don’t worry about distance, if you want the car, just contact me, I can help with the process to arrange shipping.


  1. Nobody wanted these a few years back now there collectable ? Price is anyway....

    1. It's the Fox Body for Hipsters

    2. Maybe there.... NASH-VILLE Kats...cue John Sebast.


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