Thursday, April 20, 2017

All American Nissan: 1985 Spartan II Neoclassic

To some people the "neoclassic" kit-car is a complete abomination, but to others it is an acceptable abomination that deserves a place in the world of strange & unique cars.  I'd put them somewhere between Meh and Methamphetamines, but this one is a doozie.  Find this 1985 Spartan II Neoclassic offered for $12,500 in Gilbert, AZ via craigslist. Tip from Rock On.

You've got to really stretch your imagination to see the Nissan 300ZX that lives under the skin, but somewhere under all of that Zimmer/Excalibur/Gazelle/Tiffany styled body work is a Nissan 300ZX frame and engine/transmission.

On the inside you can see the interior from an '85 Nissan 300ZX automatic.  The windshield and side windows are probably borrowed from the ZX because tooling custom glass for a kit car is almost unheard of in the automotive world.  Heck, even some hypercars borrow their glass from less siblings in the corporate fleet.  Now...what else does this

Great moons of Jupiter!  That has got to be the most patriotic, most amazing, and the most star spangled tribute to 'Murica that I've ever seen on the back of what is ostensibly a Japanese car.  You've got all the things that makes America great; a B52 stratofortress, bald eagle, Los Angeles class attack submarine, caskets draped in the American flag being unloaded from a plane, Marines, and Jesus of Nazareth (is that over by Shreveport?) dying for our sins on Mt Golgotha.  It is only missing Mt Rushmore, a coal fired power plant, the Apollo moon lander, and a Tomahawk cruise missile.

 See a better way to celebrate freedom?


  1. It actually looks kind of cool from the front.

  2. I've always had the strange desire to drive one of these dressed as an obviously colorblind pimp. The 'murica mural on the trunk really takes this thing up to 11.

  3. That poor 300ZX never saw that coming!

  4. Is there a Pimp Pimp 4:20 theme going on today?

  5. I originally thought it was on a Mercury Cougar platform and I thought how awesome it would be with a monster V8 in it, but a 300Z? Wow! I never saw that coming! I love a Z but not for this format. It would be ok with a monster AMERICAN V8 in it, but sorry, no Japanese I-6 is gonna do it here. 'MURICA!


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