Monday, April 17, 2017

3 For 1: 1987 BMW 635CSi

The E24 generation BMW 6 Series was a grand luxury tourer sold from 1976 through 1989.  Its shapely shark style curves were penned by legendary designer Paul Bracq and prices have been reasonable for years...but today's deal is particularly interesting.  Find these 3 1987 BMW 635CSis offered for $16,500 as a package in Harford, CT via craigslist.  Tip from Art.

The BMW E24 6-series is one of those 'in-betweener' 80s classics; it isn't quite a collectable classic, but un-restored examples are starting to show their age.  Without a doubt, the manual gearbox equipped versions with the big 3.5 liter inline-6 are going to be the most desireable (aside from the M-versions) as the market turns into a collector scene, so why not start your collection with these three?

See a better way to instantly be a car collector?


  1. The front spoiler / air dams are worth the price alone.

    I bought an E24 M6 and had it shipped from NM to CA. the tow company destroyed the front spoiler.
    Could not find one anywhere.
    Also, the Euro bumpers bring the looks up to a new beautiful level. The US version is just gross.
    In this pack I will take the gray (market) one.

  2. ~ Drat! Of all the times to be poor. I just love these. Mine each had rotten strut towers but if other rust is minimal I'd take 'm all.

  3. Dang. Just as I'm getting ready to sell my Euro this guy floods the market!


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