Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wood I?: 1973 Dodge Coronet Crestwood Wagon

Popular opinion in carguy/gal circles is the general public's taste in vehicles i.e. the SUV and Crossover mania is stupid. People should just buy cars and minivans (or what I tell them they should buy).  Or better yet station wagons.  I happen to think that people are being rational in fulfilling their big car desires with SUV's and Crossovers since gummint rules have relegated the big sedan and wagon to the dustbin of history.  Find this 1973 Dodge Coronet Crestwood Wagon for sale in Tacoma, WA for $6,850 via craigslist.

I'm not sure how many cubic feet of interior space you get with this beast, but post-cafe, your best bet to get it would be with a truck-based vehicle. But you would still probably have to sacrifice the yards of brown plastic and vinyl.  This car's interior is in pretty good shape with the exception of missing seatback covers and a couple of splits in the drivers chair which are a little hard to see with the artfully composed picture of the front seats on the passenger side.

The body is said to have minimal rust, just on the leading edge of the right rear wheel.  Being a local Tacoma car, that could be believable as we didn't salt the roads until very recently.  The body does have a few dings and dents plus a little paint repair as grandpa had a bit of hard a time at the helm of this yacht towards the end.

Under the hood is a 400 cubic inch Chrysler "Big Block" B series V-8 with a 2 barrel carb, netting 170 hp and 305 torques.  I'm always amazed at the low output of malaise era V-8's.  That is a 6.6L V-8 only putting out 15 more hp than the 2 liter 4 in my car.  Of course I give up about 155 torques.

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  1. Never heard anything that great about the 400 V-8 but better then the lean burn 360 ?
    Gas Hog for sure i like mid 60's to early 70's Mopars better then this but hard to find anymore all gone to the crusher or infected with Tin-Worm.


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