Sunday, March 5, 2017

No, I'm Smartacus: 2002 Smart ForTwo

When the automotive press first announced a collaboration between the Mercedes-Benz and Swatch to build a car, it was funny.  When the specs were released and it was advertised as a rear-engine rear-drive, and the smiles got bigger.  But when it arrived and you got a 44 horsepower car for $15k starting price (before options, taxes and dealer markup) the smiles were wiped off.  However, you might find that this next example could tickle a fancy or two.  Find this  2002 Smart ForTwo here on eBay offered for $27,500 buy-it-now or make offer located in Schaumburg, IL. Tip from Adam.

Yes, the seller is asking twice the original MSRP for a used car -- but this is not the average Smart Fortwo.  Hooked up to the rear wheels is a 1300 cc 4-banger from a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle.  With 173 horsepower it should be mad.

Pro tip of the week: If you take photos of your car for an advertisement, wear clothes.  All of them.   It doesn't matter if your are a contestant on America's Top Model or America's Most Wanted -- wear some dang clothes. 

See a faster custom?


  1. I'm not sure how Smart it is anymore, but it must be a hoot to drive. Nicely finished, and probably a good buy, if this is something you just MUST have. For the rest of us, I can think of a lot of other automotive uses for $27.5K

  2. I thought you all would enjoy this one... so much weirdness in just one ad! And dat ass... man. - Adam (aka zedo)

  3. I wonder what you have to do to reverse it out of a garage or a parking spot...

  4. u put it in has a reverse gear....hard to see because of angle of pic there is a second chain.
    yours truly,
    Shirtless Photographer


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