Friday, March 31, 2017

Finger On The Button: 2000 Jaguar XJR SVO Custom

When I saw this next car described as a Jaguar XJR SVO, I was certain that I'd found the holy grail of hillbilly engineering -- where the timeless style of a Shhhag-u-are meets the performance potential of a boosted 8-valve Pinto engine...but instead all I found was some Jag that was custom ordered with goatskin interior by Henry Ford's granddaughter or some such nonsense.   Find this 2000 Jaguar XJR SVO Custom here on eBay bidding for $13,700 in Bethesda, MD with 2 days to go. Tip from MB.

I'm still sitting here thinking how awesome that SVO powered Jaguar would have been -- you're sitting at a traffic light next to a Corvette.  You've got the Lima-4 revved up to 3,000 rpms -- the light turns green.  You dump the clutch and listen as the revvs drop well below anywhere that oversized turbine wheel (I know the guy who matched the SVO from Garrett back in the 80s and he admitted that the T3 turbine wheel was WAAAY oversized for the size/power needs of the 2.3 liter 4-cylinder, but it was the only wheel they had that was in the right ball park, so they stuffed it into the smallest A/R housing they could find and prayed for the best) would do anything and then you'd wait for any sign of torque.  By the time the turbo spooled up and started pushing air into the engine, the single intake valve would be choked out of flow and the racket from the spinning mess under the hood was enough to make you shift into the next gear.  Rinse, and repeat.  Where'd that Vette go?

Hey, who is the lady? Henry Ford's great granddaughter?  Maybe she knows where I can find an SVO engine.  Maybe that XKR has an SVO engine under the hood; wouldn't that be a hoot -- all the style of an Aston Martin and all the speed of a Chevy Astro owned by a guy named Martin.

Who took these pictures?  He/she's got more fingers than Vishnu!!  Find me an SVO powered Jag! And send it here:


  1. In the ad, they say high cost and reserve. But there is no reserve posted on the car, unless it's already been exceeded.

  2. Might I share my story as a cautionary tale. It's too long to tell in its entirely but here are the Cliff's Notes: $3,000 XJR, 2 hours of ownership, cracked cylinder head and loss of oil pressure in 30 miles, 2/3 roadside cash refund & handshake, ride to airport rental car agency, replace with C220.

    1. Was it the straight 6 or the V8 version? I am curious if the straight 6 versions are well built or not.

  3. Oh man, I was so close to buying it until I got deep into the copy. I have a rule to never buy cars from people who use the phrase "Ne Plus Ultra".

  4. Funny to go into the whole story about Elena Ford having this car built as a one off for her, JCNA national concours winner, etc. and not one photo of any of the docs to back up those claims.

  5. Is that Elena Ford in the garage? Meow..

  6. So was this the Ford Era of Jaguar not sure they helped Volvo much either TATA has been better by far for the brand-s

  7. Sounds like a load of old codswollop.

  8. These are pretty quick and have a wicked supercharger whine. I am simple minded and compare almost everything to a e39 M5
    I much rather have an e39 m5 than this.

  9. Laughed. Out loud. Fantastic copy, brother.


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