Saturday, March 18, 2017

Diamond not too rough: 1992 Plymouth Laser

Ah, the 90's...  Remember when people still bought two door, sporty cars in primary colors?  Every manufacturer wanted in on the action including Chrysler's low price brand - the now dead Plymouth.  Plymouth's entry in this derby was a stylishly aero coupe, the Laser.  Find this 1992 Plymouth Laser for sale in Fayetteville, GA for $3,250 via craigslist.
Tip from Matt C.

The Laser was assembled in Normal, IL by Diamond Star Motors, a joint venture between Chrysler and Mitsubishi.  The Laser was also badged the Talon when sold as an Eagle (Chrysler's leftover from its aquisition of AMC) and as the Mitsubishi Eclipse.  This Laser is the top of the line RS with a 2L turbo 195 hp four with all wheel drive.   Things look a little salty under this bonnet and the brown radiator probably merits replacement.

Being a child of the early 90's, it comes with the ridiculous mouse-up-the-pilar automatic seat belts.  But on the plus side, the seats look good and there is a manual trans.  The ad says the radio isn't working, but you've probably moved on from mixtapes anyway.

It's rare to see the Plymouth version of this car anymore, let alone one that hasn't been Fast & Furriest.  This one does seem to be missing its rear spoiler and the exhaust looks a little large for my taste.

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  1. Best of the breed, at least from an 'oddness' perspective.

  2. I bought the 2wd version from an ex for 1K not much wrong with it cleaned it up sold it
    to a Guy i knew @ a shell station for 2.5K sold it in like 3 days so never had to mess with the paper work.


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