Friday, March 3, 2017

Coffee Brake: Best Craigslist

 Everybody thinks that his/her Craigslist is the best for finding cheap classics...but you'd probably be wrong, unless you live in a box under the stairs in the corner of the basement of the house half a block down the street from Jerry's Bait shop.  You know the place.  Anyway, for the Coffee Brake this week, I want you guys to tell me why Albuquarky...Alebequeque....Albaqwerty (which is actually a kind of one handed keyboard that makes it easier for you to find pictures of Jessica Alba), I'm talking about the city somewhere in the southwest known as Alburquequey.  Frick.  Albuquerque.  I had to use spell check.

I posted a $500 Saab 99 from Albuquerkee the other day and the location per craigslist was "East Mountains" which I hadn't the foggiest was a section of Alb*##%&, so I called it Mordor and then all sorts of DT commenters popped up with their East Mountains stories -- strange place, the web.  But, then, as if connected by some kind of cosmic resonance, DT tipper extraordinaire and fuel truck driver "FuelTruck" started pouring in some crazy good tips from Alabequerque, so I had to post some of them.

First up is this 1974 Datsun 260Z with small block Chevy 377 cubic inch monster with no rust and runs strong, offered for $4,600.  Seriously?  This is a smoking good deal and something that will keep Alberquerties finest busy for days trying to figure out who is leaving black tire marks all over the road.

This 1976 Sterling GT kitcar (by Fiberfab) won't leave black marks on the ground, but it has a sweet looking chromed-to-the-gills Audi watercooled inline4 (that may have since been dechromed and painted) and the exterior looks sweeeeeeet.  The $13k asking price is certainly on the high side for 70s kit car, but this one looks nice in the Eastern Mountains of Mordorquerque.

The final Abelquarkied classic is this 1978 Renault R5 offered for $4,250 in Ruidoso Downs.  You can't get much in a classic French car for less than five large, but this is way better than being handed a box of one dozen starving, crazy weasels. 

Which craigslist location is your favorite...and why?  Prove it with something better than that 260Z V8.


  1. I have to assume there is a zero missing here -
    1984 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon Campmobile Van Camper 3-Door -$2000 (albuquerque)

  2. Always seems to be good pickings in my local Tampa CL. Here's a solid classic with racing stripes, red interior, and all day oversteer for a mere $5500 or a minivan!

  3. I oddly grew up in AlbuTurkey (called 'burque buy the loco locals)
    It has tons of rust free cars. Before all the car reality shows there were very good deals to be had as well.
    My friend work as a land surveyor and was always in peoples back yards. We scored many good muscle cars for $1,000 not too long ago.
    The thing about the 505 burque is that Braking Bad was dead on accurate depicting it. It can be pretty strange.

    I think it has a few things that make for good car hunting,
    an Air force base
    A Artist community
    A Nuclear lab
    dry weather
    land to park a car that broke down.
    Plus the chile and margs are to die for

  4. Gee Whiz, the Sterling was even featured in a magazine.

    Do I read this correctly? That it RAN WHEN PARKED?

    No, wait. Engine was de-chromed, and then fired up. But not driven.

    So...maybe the wheels might fall off? Or someone needs to hook up the tranny?

    Shaking my head in disbelief...

    -Stan (who's paid far, far less for running kit cars...that were at least as purty as this one)

  5. everyone knows where i stand on this - SF Bay Area is the best - lots of money thrown around on cars, no snow, every sub-interest group under the sun

    i'll just pick 5 right now from the current page 1...

    1. 88 Lincoln Mark VII, black over burgundy, 86k miles, $5750
      [image src="" width="300px"/][image src="" width="300px"/]

    2. 86 BMW 524td with parts car, $3000
      [image src="" width="300px"/]

    3. 80 Eldorado, red over red, 32k miles, needs mech work, $2000
      [image src="" width="300px"/][image src="" width="300px"/]

    4. 87 CRX Si, unmolested, high miles, low price
      [image src="" width="300px"/]

    5. 79 Fiat 128, that's not rust
      [image src="" width="300px"/]

  6. Snore........but cheap, safe, boring, pathetic


    New BREAKS!

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  9. mah baby needs new shoes


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